Ultra Sanitation

Sanitation is our #1 concern. We believe in the utmost importance of Health and Safety.

Ultra Nail Bar stance on Health and Safety:

  • Disposable Plastic Liner for pedicure chairs
  • Disposable Nail Filers, Buffers, and Foot File Blocks
  • A hospital grade sterilizer machine called an Autoclave for all of our metal tools. This will kill 100% of bacteria by using high pressure steam with distilled water for 15-20 minutes.

more info about autoclave machines

Nail Salon Safety

Find out why we do what we do.
Salon Safety

From state-of-the-art ventilation system to keep our customers and employees breathing healthy to one-time use disposable buffers, files, foot scrubbers, plastic liners, and gloves to keep our customers safe from infections and bacteria.

At Ultra, we want you to know you can be confident in the service we provide.

Loyalty Points System

With Ultra Loyalty Program member, you get rewarded for beautifying your nails. the more points you earn, the bigger your reward!

  • Points redeemable at every 100 points.
  • Easy sign in at each visit and points is automatically applied to your account.

Joining is easy, just visit us at our location in Ballantyne and start earning points Today!



Ultra Services

At Ultra Nail Bar, customers is our #1 priority. We offer extraordinary services with extreme attention to detail, all of which at an affordable price. We also offer a complimentary drink with any services done.




We offer wide range of High Quality products. Our products line ranging from high end nail polishes to organic and natural lotion, masks and much more!



Events and Parties

Ultra Nail Bar is the perfect venue for Birthday parties, Corporate events, Bachelorette/Bridal parties, et cetera.

We can accommodate all your party needs.

Inquire us about how we can help accommodate your party needs.